UgaLoo Read/Projects/Play Nook
UgaLoo Read/Projects/Play Nook
UgaLoo Read/Projects/Play Nook
UgaLoo Read/Projects/Play Nook
UgaLoo Read/Projects/Play Nook
UgaLoo Read/Projects/Play Nook
UgaLoo Read/Projects/Play Nook
UgaLoo Read/Projects/Play Nook

UgaLoo Read/Projects/Play Nook


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UgaLoo is the perfect nook for reading, projects, play and alone-time.

The inspiration for UgaLoo came from a 2nd grade reading teacher who saw that reading scores jumped when she created a special reading nook that blocked out distractions and made reading special and fun. The Fin & Viola engineering team took that idea, got guidance from a pediatrician and the child development laboratory at a major university, made it simple, easy, and portable, and then did it in three sizes to accommodate different needs and different spaces.

Papa Bear UgaLoo is sized for groups of kids and a teacher. Mama Bear UgaLoo is sized for a couple kids and a teacher (or parent). Baby Bear UgaLoo is a personal space for any one to sit or curl up with a blanket and read. Even college students love UgaLoo -- they set it up outside and create a personal, distraction-free study nook.

UgaLoo is also perfect as a project nook, whether the project is a homework assignment, or building a bridge made of paint sticks. It confines the mess, it focuses attention on the project, and promotes teamwork.

UgaLoo is a welcome retreat for kids with special needs who are over-stimulated or who need a calming place. It shuts out distractions and is a place to cocoon.

UgaLoo can quickly be configured to whatever is appropriate. It has four sides that can be made long or short simply by pulling or pushing the legs apart or closer together. Doors can be added to any and all of the four sides simply by lifting the sides and hooking the "skin" over buttons on the legs. Doors also allow teachers to monitor activity inside without being inside. Even with all the doors down, kids can easily scoot under the sides, so they never feel trapped.

UgaLoo is convenient in a classroom, at home, outdoors, or at the beach. UgaLoo can be set up by a pair of 4-year-olds in two minutes. The legs are shock-corded together, so there are no parts to lose and no parts that confuse. Pop the legs together, and then put the skin over the top. Connect the four loops on the skin to the feet on the four legs. Done.

In a classroom or at home, UgaLoo can be folded flat in 2-seconds (seriously, 2-seconds) and leaned against a wall so it is out of the way. UgaLoo's skin (pick your color, and pick an extra skin so you always have a clean skin ready to use) is breathable cotton and machine washable.

      Features & Benefits

      • UgaLoo comes in three sizes:
        • Papa Bear:
          • Height: 5 ft.
          • Width: 5 - 7 ft.
          • Length: 5 - 7 ft.
        • Mama Bear:
          • Height: 4 ft.
          • Width: 4.5 - 6.5 ft.
          • Length: 4.5 - 6.5 ft.
        • Baby Bear:
          • Height: 3.5 ft.
          • Width: 4.5 - 6 ft.
          • Length: 4.5 - 6 ft.
        • The footprint of UgaLoo is adjustable simply by spreading or pushing together the legs.
      • All three are sized so an adult can sit inside, comfortably.
      • UgaLoo is a set of "bones" shock-corded together, so they are no parts to lose, and nothing to confuse. And, a washable, cotton "skin" that fits over the top and connects to the "bones" at the feet. Skins come in different colors and extra skins are available separately.
      • UgaLoo has doors on all four sides so kids can see and be seen.
      • UgaLoo folds flat in 2-seconds so it can be learned against a wall and is out of the way.
      • UgaLoo is handmade by Fin & Viola in Ames, Iowa.

      In the Box

      • One set of shock-cord connected UgaLoo "bones" -- select the size you want.
      • One UgaLoo "skin" -- select the color you want (Extra "skins" can be purchased separately.)
      • One UgaLoo travel bag with carry-strap.