Soap for Baby and Me™
Soap for Baby and Me™
Soap for Baby and Me™
Soap for Baby and Me™
Soap for Baby and Me™

Soap for Baby and Me™


Smooth. Moisturizing. Fun.

Bad hygiene can lead to diaper rash, chafe, eczema, red marks, and a very cranky baby. Soap for Baby & Me™ was developed with the help of pediatricians for sensitive skin, so your baby is comfortable and happy after every bath. Unlike regular soap, the more you use it, the more moisturized their skin feels.

Soap for Baby & Me's moisturizing formula helps alleviate red marks, chafe, and eczema on sensitive skin. We know that nothing is more important than healthy, happy skin. We partnered with pediatricians to create a soap that not only cleans but also replenishes the natural oils in the skin, helping alleviate discomforts such as diaper rash and eczema. Fun bar shapes, so bath time becomes a fun time.

Your baby deserves the best. Soap for Baby & Me™ comes in single bars or bundles of two, making life better for baby and better for you.


Fin & Viola's Soap for Baby & Me™ is not just conventional soap. Our soap is loaded with essential oils that help clean and protect and strengthen the skin. The result? A healthy and protected baby skin.

  • Better than liquid soap: Liquid soap cleans but often leaves skin dry. Our soap does the exact opposite and cleans just as well.
  • Better than your regular bar soap: Like liquid soap, bar soap tends to clean but leaves skin dry. Our soap cleans and replenishes natural oils to the skin, leaving it healthy and moisturized.
  • Fun characters: Turn every bath time into an exciting adventure with your little one.
  • Creamy smoothness: Perfect for shaving in the shower.

Better for baby. Better for you.


  • Ingredients: A gentle blend of natural oils, completely tailored to leave your and your baby's skin healthy, strong, and protected.
    • Aloe Butter: Hydrating and known for its natural anti-inflammatory, healing, and restorative powers.
      Shea Butter: Moisturizes without clogging pores. Helps boost the production of collagen, aids in cell regeneration, and is anti-fungal. 
      Coconut Oil: Full of healthy fatty acids that are easily absorbed into the skin have anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritations like eczema and rashes, and produce lots of lather that aids in cleaning. 
      Olive Oil: Gentle, natural cleanser that is great for sensitive skin.
      Sweet Almond Oil: Helps alleviate oxidative stress on the skin, is filled with vitamin D and is known to reduce itchiness.
      Sodium Hydroxide: Reacts with oils to make soap. Fin & Viola™ Soap for Baby & Me™ is made with an excess of healthy oils, so no harsh sodium hydroxide remains after bathing. 
  • Instructions: Use the hole in the bar to hold it with ease. Fill up the tub, create your story, and let the fun begin!
  • Bar size: 4 oz (120 ml).