About Fin & Viola

 About Us

We help parents go through their routines with ease because we know there is nothing better than a time well spent with your baby. Being a parent is a beautiful task, and also time-consuming. Your baby's well-being is our priority because we know that a happy baby = happy you. We make products that are better for baby and better for you. 

Fin & Viola is a group of innovators with years of baby product expertise. We pour our hearts and souls into every single product – because keeping your baby healthy and happy makes all of us at Fin & Viola the absolute happiest.


Why Fin & Viola? 

Fin & Viola are imaginary characters.
Fin and Viola have the ability to turn themselves into anything. Sometimes, they are trees and sit quietly, just observing and learning from what happens around them. Sometimes they become leaves in the fall and travel to exotic places with the wind. Other times they are bunnies and hop all over the place, exploring. Or, Fin and Viola are simply children — playing, learning, exploring, and laughing.

Playing acting is a big part of “being” Fin and Viola. The two imaginary friends encourage kids to be creative, to experience, to see things from different points of view, to learn about the world around us. They encourage positive behaviors such as kindness, giving your best effort, taking responsibility, and using good judgement. Fin and Viola come to life through our website and our products.