Clean. Quick. Easy.

Diaper changes on the go don't have to be frustrating and time-consuming anymore. Meet the baby essential you never knew you needed!

Dubleroo is a portable diaper changing mat with a built-in pouch to lock in the dirty diaper, mess, and smells. Hygienic, effective, and pediatrician-approved, it gives parents a convenient way to change their baby's diapers on the go without having to worry about dirty tables, floors, or carrying a stinky diaper around.

Dubleroo makes diaper changes clean, quick, and easy. Carry it in your bag, around the house, to family parties, or on vacations, and never worry about having to find a place to throw away a dirty diaper. Stay calm and confident even with the worst diaper blowout.

A healthy baby's bottom starts with a proper diaper change, and changing the diaper as soon as possible is the first step to keeping the baby comfortable and happy.

Why DubleRoo?

DubleRoo is tiny when folded, so it can be carried everywhere and is always ready when you need it. After the diaper change, the mat turns into a diaper pouch, and all your fears are gone. No mess, no leaks, no smell. Just keep on enjoying your day with your little angel!

Hygienic, lightweight, easy to carry in your pocket or diaper bag, free of leaks, mess, odor, and skin irritants. It is pediatrician-approved and recommended for your baby's healthy lifestyle.

Simply put, DubleRoo is a pediatrician-approved and the most convenient diaper changing mat you'll ever have! Our engineers work day and night to deliver the quality and convenience you and your baby deserve.

Disposable or Reusable?

Prudent use is the best use. If the mat is clean after a diaper change, refold the DubleRoo and use it again. If the diaper change was messy, follow the instructions and turn the mat into the diaper pouch to properly dispose of everything.

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Follow our instructions and let us make diaper change easier for you!


  • Made with the same materials used in diapers.
  • Ideal for babies 0 to 24 months old.
  • Dimensions folded: 2-3/4" x 3-1/4" (fits in your pocket!)
  • Dimensions open: 26" x 16" (big enough to fit a toddler!)
  • Weight of 1 unit: 0.8 oz / 0.04 lbs.
  • Contains odor up to 24h, when properly sealed.
  • Patents Pending.