Tiny. Convenient. Discreet.

HUSH™ is your solution for safe, discreet, and clean disposal of feminine care products. It is no bigger than a house key when folded in your pocket or purse. Designed expressly for moments of need, HUSH™ keeps your business private and discreet, while conveniently being with you when you are "out and about".

With its white color, HUSH's pouch assures everything is hidden upon disposal, and odor and messes are fully contained. Keep it discreet. Carry HUSH™ with you, always, so you are confident and in control. 

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HUSH™ is here because we know your private life should stay private. Quick, easy, and always-available for proper and discreet disposal of feminine care products.

  • Tiny: No bigger than your house key when folded, it easily fits in your pocket and purse.
  • Convenient: HUSH™ is ready when you need it, always. Carry it with you and be always confident and in control.
  • Discreet: Keep your business private. HUSH's white pouch hides everything inside, odor and mess free. 


  • 10 units per pack
  • Dimensions folded: 1-3/4" x 1-1/2" (fits anywhere)
  • Dimensions open: 6" x 6-1/2"
  • Directions: Place used feminine care product on open film. Fold film inside-out around feminine care product. Then, using exposed flap, do it again. Everything inside is locked inside, and the outside is completely clean and ready to be safely disposed.